Go ‘Paperless’ In Your Biz

As a small business owner, it is very important access to have to your business financials or other documentation without having to actually drive to your office.  Technology has allowed many aspects of a business to be literally ‘ at your fingertips’  My motto is ‘ There’s an app for everything’  With my specialty being financial management, I am always urging my clients to manage their company’s finances, and one way to do that is electronically tracking your revenue & expenses.  You can pull out your phone or tablet and run an expense report and email it to your business partner, accountant, etc.  Let’s say you are in need of a contract, long gone are the days of printing off a 30 page contract, you can now use apps to create, customize, send and even electronically sign your contract.  I very rarely use paper in my business unless I am offering ‘handout’ at a display tablet, or workshop, my notes are taken via my phone/laptop or tablet, I use an electronic calendar, everything you can think of, it can be done electronically.  Other small business owners should convert to electronic versions of record-keeping, etc to increase efficiency, accessibility and reduce the time spent working on projects.  Technology & apps help you decrease the hassle of printing issues, paper jams, misprints, etc.. Life is better as an entrepreneur keeping up with technology. 

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