Building An Organizational Budget – For Corporate Leaders

**This course is eligle for 1.8 CPE Credits per the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)**


If you are a business leader who is often chosen to lead your teams projects without much guidance, this course is most likely for you.

This course is for anyone wanting to understand and develop in business, budgeting, and/or management. Whether you are a Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, beginner, or aligned to any mid-level leadership role, everyone plays a part in a project budget at one time or another.

I created this course filled with actionable lessons and insights from my 14 years of experience in Finance & Technology program management.

In my experience of being a member of ample projects, I often found the projects were running short on the budget and in turn caused several project delays. Many times, resource allocation for projects are not properly planned so costs for vendors/contractors often aren’t accounted for and teams run out of money for projects. (New contracts needed to be signed, new resources brought on, or not enough money to maintain the current contract resources)

So many company leaders are unaware of the different types of budgets and which to use for their project, some do not have an understanding of where to start in creating a budget or how to communicate with their team.

This course is a simplified approach to understanding how to create, manage and strategize a variety of budgets in the workplace or in your business. In this course, you will learn the 4 major types of organizational budgets which can be used for individual programs/projects or for an entire company. Alongside the conceptual understanding of organizational budgeting, is learning how to integrate communication aspects and engage your team and stakeholders, which is also discussed in this course. The best thing about this course, zero accounting experience is required.

This course is complete with 4 sections of impactful modules filled with activities that anyone can implement through taking the course.

Specifics of what is covered

  • Understanding Organizational Budgeting
  • A deep dive into the 4 major types of Organizational Budgets (Incremental Budgeting, Activity-Based Budgeting, Value Proposition Budgeting, and Zero-Based Budgeting)
  • Analyzing and identifying your team’s stakeholders
  • Executing your communication strategy with your teams
  • Activity mapping for your budget along with budget allocation
  • Distinguishing differences in the choice of budgets and how to choose a proper budget
  • Evaluating the appropriate budget for your team
  • Implementing various budget strategies
  • Developing a budget proposal
  • Recognizing best practices in budgeting

This course is meant to empower you in your leadership process along with providing actionable plans that you can apply to your current or future projects.

What are you waiting for? Enroll today to gain skills needed for your next project which may require you to manage or propose a budget.