Woo Woo Woo !!

I know you’ve all heard the coined phrase ‘woo woo woo’ used most by the outstanding Kim Coles herself. Kim Coles is known for her role in the 90’s chick sitcom Living Single.  ‘We are livinnnngg Singglllee’ yes that show !!  Kim is also known for her sense of humor and being a stand up comedian.  What most do not know is that Kim has been down a path we all find in life called Change.  Kim is now inspiring and empowering others through her social media and celebrity presence. She is Public Speaker, Motivator and what I would call ‘coach’ to help others find their ‘gift’.   Earlier this year, Kim started following me on social media, I was honored & ecstatic.  We both share a passion to motivate others and we both have an affinity for stationary; journals specifically.  Fast forward just a few months down the road & here I am, at PeriCon; An Entrepreneur Conference,  face to face with the one and only Kim Coles.  Not only is she the most down to earth person you will ever meet but she took the time to chat with me and to see how our goals are aligned.  Kim recently launched a gratitude journal and decided to autograph one for my private community MSuite  Since following me on social media Kim has seen me gifting  various journals each month to lucky group members. Well this coming month, YOU have the opportunity to win an autographed gratitude journal from Kim Coles, Ms Woo Woo Woo herself. 


If you aren’t already a member, be sure to join my private community, MSuite where we celebrate Milestones, Motivation & Money 


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