Ballin’ On A Budget





Let’s see…. you just got paid and now you’re out of cash wondering where your money went. If you are like many Americans, you do not have a budget. Having a budget and understanding where your money goes is a part of your foundation to success. Are you ready to understand how to create a budget? Understand the major components of budgeting? Are you aware of what you are spending your money on and how to reduce or even eliminate certain spending habits?

Ballin' On A Budget is a Premier Budget Course in a book !! Many have called it "The Ultimate Budget Guide"


As an incentive to purchasing the book, you will receive periodic webinar invitations (valid the first 3 months of the book release) along with a complimentary gift !

We will cover;

  • Budgeting
  • Money Management Applications
  • Credit Management




**If  you purchase both books, Ballin' On A  Budget & Upfront: An Entrepreneur's Quick Start Guide, a combo discount is provided in the dropdown**

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Q. When will I receive the book ?

        A.  Please allow 3-5 business days unless you are ordering in bulk, depending on quantity, your order may take 7-10 business days.

Q. When will I receive the webinar invitation?

        A. Webinar invites will be emailed to the email associated with your paypal account 1 week prior to the webinar date (You will be notified via email of upcoming sessions)

Q. Can I  order if I live outside the US.

        A. Yes, please proceed with payment & shipping will be calculated or purchase the hardcopy on & receive free shipping with a prime membership.

Q. I never received an invitation to the Webinar, Can you resend?

         A. Please check your spam box, invites will not be manually resent.  An automatic reminder email will be sent 24 hours prior to the webinar.

Q.  I am not available for the webinar, will there be a replay?

        A.  Yes,  A replay will be available for 48 hours.  An email with instructions will be sent to those who did NOT attend the live session.

Q.  I am interested in purchasing multiple copies, is there a discount?

        A. Yes, for bulk copy orders other than what is listed, please email

Q. I don't have paypal, can I still purchase?

        A.  A Paypal account is NOT required, once you select 'buy now'  select the option to pay with a debit/credit card.

Q. If I purchased on Amazon, can I still attend the webinars?

        A.  Yes, please screenshot a copy of your receipt (Name Must be shown) to

Q.  Can I have the book autographed ?

        A.  All books ordered on this site will be signed.  If you would like to book made out to anyone in particular, please request at payment checkout. (Email request after the order is placed will NOT be accepted)

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After I watched the webinar, I told myself, "Let me go ahead and see if this works." And it actually does work! I was able to get a few items shipped out to me for about $2.00 which is better than paying the full amount for it! And the the webinar, itself, was very informational, and easy to follow. I recommend this webinar to anyone that wants to save a bunch of money from online products!

Leon Perry   

I would highly recommend this course for anyone starting a new business and need a step by step guide on how to create a Business plan. Angel gives detailed information with a presentation slide show and a business plan template to get you started. Be sure to take notes and listen carefully for nuggets given throughout the course.


I completed Biz Plan 101, and this course far exceeded any expectations that I could have ever had. I have always felt that I had to be a high level entrepreneur to participate in a course like this, and that is completely untrue. Ms. Radcliffe has shown me that it all starts with an idea. Angel has an expert system that covers everything that you can encounter. After taking the course, I have started my business plan and I used the information that I was taught in this course. I would have never started a business plan without the knowledge that I obtained from this course, and from Ms. Radcliffe. Angel's knowledge is thorough, and working with her gives me more confidence to do what I put off for so long before I came into contact with her and the services she provides. Ms. Radcliffe is the real deal, and I will continue to work with her on future endeavors as well.

John Walker (@uapbjohnwalker)   

I'm so glad that I jumped at the chance to take this free course. This was really a good fundamental webinar on budgeting. Angel you are very clear in your explanations of the budgeting process and how to track your spending in order to save some money. It was clear and precise. I would recommend any course you teach. It is definitely worth it. Thank you for being such an awesome person and being willing to give back to your followers.

Louise Davis   

I was hesitant on purchasing the Free99 Webinar due to unknowing what to expect whether it would be helpful or just a waste of my money. Well, let inform you, YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO PURCHASE THIS WEBINAR! This webinar gives you the information that you need to start receiving products. You will not be disappointed at ALL! Right after the webinar I immediately followed Angel's detailed instructions and that very same week I started receiving products. I did not want to leave a review until I received the products in my hand. Now, I am a part of the free products world and I love it!This has opened up other doors for me. Now, I know the secret, you better sign up because I am not sharing, LOL! Thank you Angel!!


I attended the free 99 webinar on Wednesday & had to work that night right after so I wasn't able to sign up or apply for anything but that morning I did & the immediate Sunday I received my first 5 free items & got 4 more today & I have 3 more coming tomorrow! It's so easy! It's like your birthday every day! Thank you Angel!


I purchased a webinar from Angel and wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience. Angel provided me with excellent customer service not once, but twice. The webinar was password protected, however it was not allowing me access with the credential that she had provided me in an email. It was late when I decided to send her an email, however to my surprise she responded. Not only did she responded to my original message. Angel also followed up with a phone call to make sure that I could access the site on the same day (day one).
For some reason, I seem to be experiencing another issue on day two. Even though it was outside of normal business hours. Once again, Angel took a moment to assist me. Although, this time she happen to be busy with another matter. Angel still addressed my concerns on the same day (within a reasonable amount of time).
While, I expected good service; I received exceptional service. She made me feel as if I was her most important client; she was polite and gracious. I was treated with such professionalism, promptness and personality; something you don't always get no matter what you purchased. I will surely look out for future events and products.
Thank you Angel for rolling out the Red Carpet. While, this was my first experience with your company it won’t be my last.

Stephenie Carter   

I took the six week course and it was great. It was set up so that you can go at your own pace and came even to contact Miss RMBA herself. Miss RMBA gives you up to date information and is great at her craft Working with her has been informative and a pleasure. She was always smart, kind, and a true professional
that is hard to come by today. So do yourself a favor sign up for one of her courses and see for yourself.

Tara B   

I highly recommend both the teacher and the course to anyone starting a business from scratch. This comprehensive course goes through tax, deductions, apps you can use, banking, etc. The teacher is very well versed in what she does and has some great knowledge to share


The course went very well, I enjoyed the course. Angel was very informative and knowledgeable. I would take another class and I intend to work with her on opening my business in the near future.


I enjoyed the course, I felt as though she answered all questions. Overall it was helpful and it was info that i can actually use. I have compiled lots of info and intend to implement what I've learned. Angel was great. She was professional and handled the course with authority. I felt as though I could trust her.


" Our son who is about to embark on a naval career living abroad. This prompted my husband & I to refresh our knowledge while introducing a fresh approach to finances to our son. Angel was awesome at breaking things down. We all learned something new and our son realized how important our nagging was. Angel was able to break through his resistance in a way we as parents couldn't. Now our 14 year old wants a job so she can save! ? Thank you Angel!"

Quiana A   

"I would recommend Angel and this course to anyone looking to better their credit report and personal finances. Learned how to dispute my credit report and how to better my personal finance situation... Thank you Angel for all the great knowledge to build a better future for myself"

Joseph A   

"Not only is Angel a certified leader in her field, she is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom. Whether you are trying to get your credit repaired or finding new, effective, strategies to reduce debt and SAVE, she's your go to lady. Her courses are intimate, informative and well worth your time and small financial investment. You have to give something in order to get something. So, if you want to get your finances in order, give 6 weeks of your time and effort to her course. You will not be disappointed. Would I recommend this course to a friend? YES!"

Carla P   

"Thank You Angel "MissRmba" for teaching me more of the fundamentals of better finance practices.

You've mastered the delivery of great content and accountability into your courses without becoming overbearing.

I've learned tons!! The benefits of getting my credit reports/scores more often, the details of the dispute process, using the platform and so much more...

Each lesson builds on the next and before you know it, you've completed the course and have your finances in a better position for the future.
Again Thanks MissRmba!

Vanessa G   

All the great information that Angel gave was priceless, awesome class!!!