6 Weeks To Better Finances

Gain a better understanding of your Credit & Budget in this 6 week program.



Enroll in the self paced course at anytime !! 


In 6 weeks you will learn to maneuver your credit report & score like pro. You will be able to manage your credit disputes as well as renew your finances through a personalized budget.  

Weekly Q& A Live as well a unlimited group support for the duration of the course. 

This course includes 8 modules over 6 weeks of access




Start at ANY time !!  


This is a self paced course with a weekly call.   The duration of each content  session is 45-60 minutes. Q&A will be available on the weekly calls on Saturday 12pm cst (30 Min Q&A) also in the private - group on facebook, which you will be added to prior to the course starting, A course outline is available once registered.  


You will receive an email with registration details after payment is received. 




These sessions purchased individually total over $1500 !!



I took the six week course and it was great. It was set up so that you can go at your own pace and came even to contact Miss RMBA herself. Miss RMBA gives you up to date information and is great at her craft Working with her has been informative and a pleasure. She was always smart, kind, and a true professional
that is hard to come by today. So do yourself a favor sign up for one of her courses and see for yourself.

Tara B   

" Our son who is about to embark on a naval career living abroad. This prompted my husband & I to refresh our knowledge while introducing a fresh approach to finances to our son. Angel was awesome at breaking things down. We all learned something new and our son realized how important our nagging was. Angel was able to break through his resistance in a way we as parents couldn't. Now our 14 year old wants a job so she can save! ? Thank you Angel!"

Quiana A   

"I would recommend Angel and this course to anyone looking to better their credit report and personal finances. Learned how to dispute my credit report and how to better my personal finance situation... Thank you Angel for all the great knowledge to build a better future for myself"

Joseph A   

"Not only is Angel a certified leader in her field, she is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom. Whether you are trying to get your credit repaired or finding new, effective, strategies to reduce debt and SAVE, she's your go to lady. Her courses are intimate, informative and well worth your time and small financial investment. You have to give something in order to get something. So, if you want to get your finances in order, give 6 weeks of your time and effort to her course. You will not be disappointed. Would I recommend this course to a friend? YES!"

Carla P   

"Thank You Angel "MissRmba" for teaching me more of the fundamentals of better finance practices.

You've mastered the delivery of great content and accountability into your courses without becoming overbearing.

I've learned tons!! The benefits of getting my credit reports/scores more often, the details of the dispute process, using the mint.com platform and so much more...

Each lesson builds on the next and before you know it, you've completed the course and have your finances in a better position for the future.
Again Thanks MissRmba!

Vanessa G   

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